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ClockFour years back around this time of the year I was preparing to embark on an adventure, my first job. Everyone said that the experience of the first job is incomparable to anything else in life. And they were right, the things I learnt on my first job, the experiences it provided me have changed me as a person completely. In these four years I have become more patient, learnt to work in a team where everyone thinks differently, learnt the art of time management and memorized a booklet of corporate jargons 😛 . There were times when the work seemed tiring and demotivating but there were many instances which were positive and gave me a boost to work better. I was lucky to have a good band of colleagues and friends who made this seemingly long period of time pass swiftly and I am sure they will stay in touch with me for the rest of my life. I thank every one of them for making this journey so memorable.

Today, 9th May 2014, is my last day at office; the day when I bid good bye to the organization, Cognizant Technology Solutions, where I worked for nearly four years across two locations. And though I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now I was also somewhat sad to let go a place where I spend 50% of my time daily (travelling and work combined). From tomorrow I’ll be wearing the unemployed tag for a good two years 🙂 as I get back to college to pursue my post-graduation.

Looking ahead in the future, it is going to be hectic 1.5 years of studies at China Europe International Business School, Shanghai. Just as it was four years back, I am preparing for a new adventure. An adventure for which I have been waiting for long. An adventure, which intimidates me and excites me at the same time. A new country, a whole different set of people and a heart full of hope! The last four years have been amazing but it is time to make the next four even better.

To the Future!


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