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Couple of weeks back I started venturing more into Google+ and left Facebook aside. For Google+ gives information like Twitter using the Trending Topics as well as all the facilities present in Facebook and much more. While surfing through Google+ trending topics on the 1st of November I found out something unusual, something that I haven’t come across before, it was #NanoWrimo – an acronym for National Novel Writing Month. With this information and a little bit of post surfing at Google+ I went to my closest friend and colleague and told her about this. We decided and it should be given a try. Since I was not having any content to write up in a novel as yet my friend decided that she’ll give it a try. With that said I went on to read more posts and then shifted to tweets and came across another term, the thing am using to write now. It’s called word mongering, hashtagged as #wordmongering and can be found trending on Twitter or Google+.

So what is this #Wordmongering actually? Well, as far as my understanding goes it is kind of a time trial in games, you compete against time and write as much as you can for 30 minutes and then rest for the next 30, perhaps planning the next 30 minutes and so on. As of now I have taken nearly four minutes writing till here. It is kind of an interesting deal to write and see how fast your hand and your brain can go and how far they are co-ordinated, mine are not so much, as I am finding now. People around the globe use this to get in as much as they can in a short span of time into their novels. Just like sprints involved in the marathons.

So that is it about #wordmongering and in my opinion people should give it a go, it is really fun when you type and think at the same time. Going ahead, I would like to write about the past week where I had a lot of work at the office and had to re work on a lot of stuff for the project that is being carried out at the workplace. But just as festive season, the festival of light – Diwali approached, the work load eased off and unlike last year when I was spending days and nights at the office I am taking rest and enjoying my time at home and roundabouts reading books and blogging. If you happened to read my immediate previous post, I had gathered some fascination about the whole space thing and ordered books online to read some. Have been reading A Brief History of Time – Stephan Hawking and as I read it the memories from college flood my mind where I was learning my first few chapters of Modern Physics and developed my new love towards the subject. The book is absolutely great and getting a modern physics-cum-astrophysics lecture by Stephan Hawking is a great feeling in itself. I have been fond of very few books and have not been a good reader since my childhood and there are only a few things which I came across while reading and could understand it in one go, the entire credit goes to the authors of those book and a little to my teeny tiny brain. So far this book by Stephan Hawking has been at my level of understanding and it’s the only book after Bhagavad Gita which I could understand without reading twice. As one of the great minds to have lived on our planet Albert Einstein quoted,“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. I believe that if you are even a little bit interested in Physics, you should read this book.

My brain has frozen now 🙂 and I just have less than five minutes to finish my first attempt at #wordmongering and it just struck me that there is no better way to finish this post by sending a message to every viewer Twisted Thoughts on behalf of the Unconventional Minds – That may the joy, cheer, mirth and happiness of this divine festival surround you forever. May the happiness, that this season brings brightens your lives and hope the year brings you luck and fulfills your dearest dreams – Have a happy, prosperous and safe Diwali.


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