Woman of my Dreams – Or is She?

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Woman of my dreamWe all dream and we all do it so often that it has become such an integral part of our lives. They are so frequent that we take them for granted all most all the time but the fact that they are powerful enough to shape our very lives is something that perhaps makes them very important to all of us. Over the years of human evolution, there has been so much written on dreams that this word has developed new meanings outside its literal sense of watching movies in your head while sleeping.  It is also something that has been fascinating scientists around the globe for quite some time, and there have been new researches been conducted to understand the significance of dreams and their correlation with the working of the brain.

With so much fascination associated with dreams, writers introduced catchy phrases that use dream as a root. In this post I am going to pen down my views on one such phrase related to the word dream, “Person/Man/Woman of My Dream”. We all have come across this phrase more often than not and it is something that is actually touching. How would you feel when a girl/boy tells you that they have been dreaming of you even before they have met you, it is touching right? But is this phrase scientifically accurate? Can you really have someone who you have dreamt before meeting? To answer this let’s take a look into how dreams are formed. In simple words dreams are series of images, emotions, situations and sensations that occur involuntarily in mind when we are asleep. There are many reasons for having a dream and you can read this in detail on Wikipedia. But have you noticed that most of the times the face of the persons in unfamiliar situations or situations that you have never been actually into yet are blurred out or for some reason not visible to you. The reason for this censorship done by our mind is that we haven’t seen this person or haven’t been in this situation before. Your subconscious contains a lot of data which you gather even when you are not actively noticing anything, i.e. subconsciously. So to see the visual part of the dream your brain should have some visual data in store to make a movie out of it. This is why people who are blind by birth aren’t able perceive visual part of the dream during their whole lifetime.

So back to our question – Should you fall for someone who tells you that, you are the person of his/her dreams? Well, you can but not on the basis of this line as the only criteria. That’s because they couldn’t have possibly dreamt of you. To dream of someone you have to see him/her first at least in a picture. We all have template of an ideal person in our head and not the person himself/herself that is the difference. So what do we learn? One lesson is in the first sentence of this paragraph, the second lesson is to make the person who you see in your dreams frequently the person of your dreams. Go on keep dreaming!

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  1. THIS in particular is being read, understood, and debated about for many years now, and yet there is contradiction to the beliefs one may have. In actuality, there is hardly any recurring evidence about the topics “dreams” as such. Anshuman, has brought out some relevant points which forms the building blocks of this discussion, and they are very well written. Going by my personal experience as a energies practitioner — the feeling of having met someone before or simply stating as “person of dreams” is by the gut feel, because 1) you have a pre-conceived idea as to who the person should be? 2) you form your own visual 3) you constantly think and emit thoughts (law of attraction in bits & pieces) — NOW this constantly messes with your head and when you meet with a certain individual, you share feelings, energies, and thoughts, and that gives you the “AH HAAA” moment after meeting that person. 🙂

  2. Where do we talk about REM sleep.. Please write about relevant stuff !

    • Hey Manas glad you could give the article a read 🙂 as I had mentioned you can read about this in wikipedia. For some reason I didn’t think it was really important for the message I wanted to convey so kept it out 🙂


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