Using MTS MBlaze on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

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I’ve been using Reliance Netconnect with the 1x speed for a long time now and thought of going for something faster. After doing a bit of research I decided of going for MTS modems. As far as the review of the modem goes, its not all that well known as of now but has a good speed and cheap, the exact combo that I was looking for. MTS provides two types of modem, one which has  a standard look and the other which is a bit more designer and folds up, I went for the simpler one. On asking the guys from MTS about Operating System compatibility, they were not sure about the use of modem in Linux, but told all others are supported. I immediately told to myself, “if all others are supported Linux will be supported too”.

I took the brand new modem and inserted it in my system after booting Ubuntu 10.04. As soon as I inserted and typed


I saw that the modem was detected as no errors were thrown (in the last part of the output). But I couldn’t connect to internet however. Then I followed these steps, prior to this I had installed wvdial package:

1. I found out the user name, password and the phone number that are used to get the internet connected by the modem

username :- ; password:- MTS; phone number:- #777

2. After this information was found, the thing is fairly simple. Follow the screen-shots.

3. You right-click on the network manager and select “edit connection”

4. The following window appears

5. Select the Mobile Broadband tab.

6. Click on Add, to add a new connection

7.  This is the window that opens up and select AnyData … thing from the Drop down box, it’ll be detected automatically

8. Go Forward and select the country

9.  Select the second option button and provide the Provider Name as “MTS” or whatever you want. Does not matter. Click Forward

10. Thats all, apply the things you just typed in

11. Then this window appears where you have to plug in the details I described in step 1

This will do it.

Apply and the modem should get connected automatically.

Any problem, feel free to ask…

Cheers!! 😀

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  1. hey!!!……have made the new connection but when m inserting the mblaze the autodetection is not been performed ….what shud i do..????….

    • Hey Parth. While configuring did u check the ‘Connect Automatically’?

    • Hey Anshuman!
      Same problem here… auto-detection not being performed. I was able to connect one time. That time the MTS connection icon automatically showed up.
      After that I tried many times, but it does not get detected.

      • Piyush…Tell me the following..
        1. are u using Premium MTS (the swivel one) or normal MTS
        2. which version of Ubuntu are u using
        3. can u tell me what do you mean by automatic connection?Or how did you find that it is not detected
        4. What do u mean by MTS connection icon?
        I am sorry I am asking so many question,because there are some problems with the versions stuff….

      • Hi Anshuman!
        The answers to your questions:
        1. I am using the normal MTS. The one that pops out its usb connector after pulling it out.
        2. Ubuntu 10.04
        3. In the upper panel (notification area), where you can see the available connections, there i saw that I was connected to “MTS Connection 1”
        4. I meant the network “connected” icon showing the network strength.

      • Follow the steps exactly, do check the Connect Automatically button. This issue has happen to me too. But after that it was fine after some time.

    • rajesh chodavarapuNo Gravatar

      thank you very much for your efforts..
      i got it after seeing your information…
      keep it up…

  2. That was great… I could do that very easily using the steps mentioned… Question now is how to track how much i have used and all… how to find out the current speed as I am getting errors while installing CrossPlatformUI-V1.0.27-SSTL-i386-ubuntu.deb

    • Hi Ajay. Well I have know idea about the software that you are talking about but i’ll definately see it once. For checking the balance and all I go to the MTS site itself and for the speed I check the website .. I know this is not the answer you were looking for, as soon as I see the software I’ll let you know. Till that time can you tell me the error you are talking about?

      • During the installation I get the error:

        cd: 160: can’t cd to /usr/local/bin/ztemtApp/zteusbserial/2.6.32

        Looked inside the installer… it doesn’t have this folder itself… As the kernel for Ubuntu 10.04 is 2.6.32… and it seems the package for ztemt.ko for 2.6.32 is not available…

        How to change the mode from Hybrid to Broadband.. any idea…
        And for balance check on site… i am trying to sign up.. it says… Please enter correct mobile no only… hope I am not doing something wrong…

  3. I am struggling with MTS mblaze for configuration in linux. Earlier i was running Ubuntu 10.04. I plugged in datacard in system, i found CrossPlatformUI-V1.0.27-SSTL-i386-ubuntu.deb and double click to install it, but it did’nt installed successfully. I left ubuntu and thought that it will not work here since its a new version of linux. Then i installed RHEL 5.3. I plugged in datacard in system, i found and double click on somenamefedora.rpm. It installed successfully and i got one option in internet menu; but i am not able to access the internet.
    Kindly help me to configure MTS mblaze datacard in linux (whether in ubuntu and/or RHEL 5.3 or any other distro)

    On this page you have demo but i am having following questions though :
    >I saw that the modem was detected
    How did you know it?
    >wvdial package
    How do i install this on ubuntu or RHEL 5.3
    >I found out the user name, password and the phone number that are used to get the internet connected by the modem
    How do i get these info?

    Thanks and Regards
    Girish Sharma

    • Hi Girish.. Let me tell you first that I used the normal MTS MBlaze modem and not the premium one, I think you are using premium thing. With that said lets answer your questions. I have not used RHEL for quite sometime so I am going to stick to Ubuntu. I am also using 10.04 as well.

      Coming to the questions
      1. You can see if the modem is detected by typing ‘dmesg’ in the terminal, in the last part of the things that comes as the output if you dont see the word ‘error’ its detected.
      2. to install wvdial package in Ubuntu we have to use the terminal and type in the command ‘sudo apt-get install wvdial’. For this you need an internet connection 🙁
      3. The things are on the internet, I got it from the help manual .pdf file that was provided. For the premium too there should be a help file, you can check on that.

      Get in touch if you still have problems…


    • Also, I am not able to find the .deb file. If you could mail me the same it’ll be helpful

      • Hi Anshuman,
        First let me thanks to you for your detailed reply.

        1.No problem, i will reinstall Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for this because i just want to use linux distro which supports datacard for internet. I am sending you all the files which are available on datacard along with one file for output of dmesg command.
        2.How do i run sudo apt-get install wvdial command successfully when i do’nt have internet connection; means i am at the same point, from where i started.
        3.Yes, its premium connection and there is no pdf to get the user name, password and the phone number that are used to get the internet connected by the modem.

        I am really in a dilemma that what should do.

        Thanks and Regards
        Girish Sharma

  4. @Girish Sharma You can Download Packages directly (instead of using apt-get) from Online repository at > .

    here is the link for wvdial package >>

    Download & install .

    Njoy 🙂

  5. Well Girish you have to use internet to download the package as specified by gameon from another machine. Make sure that you download the files on which the wvdial package depends (these are called dependencies).

  6. Please help me as I am facing Archeive failed error while installing MTS blaze data card in Ubuntu.

  7. MTS Blaze ‘premium’ isn’t even detected… even with

    $ sudo wvdialconf.
    Sorry, no modem was detected.

    I thought CDMA modems could be detected by wvdial and GSM ones by Network Manager, as you showed in the screenshots. But why both?

    • Nothing like that.there are a lot of CDMA options in NM. Wvdial is just a dialer nothing to do with CDMA detection. I suggest you to see “dmesg” command output to check if MTS premium is detected..


  8. no, It’s not detected by
    $ dmesg
    I’ll post the o/p later: The modem’s right now with a friend.

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  10. im using a mts standared wireless modem. can i use dis device in ma ubuntu 10.04.??if it works how… i hope u can really help me in solving dis…

    • Ya Paulson, before trying to use the modem just make sure you download wvdial package from any other internet source. That said, you can just follow the steps that I have mentioned above to use it.

  11. im using a MTS standred modem on ma ubuntu 10.04. i ve tried with all the stuffs mentioned above,,,. but still got a disappointing result. im not able to connect to the internet automatically. the connection cannot be established. when i enter ‘dmesg’ on ma terminal window, i couldn’t find any errors at the last part of the output. but when i enter ‘wvdial’ there, i got a msg like:
    wvdial: internet dialer version 1.60
    cannot open /dev/modem: no such file or dir.
    i also tried to download the wvdial package from the above given link, and getting an error message(architecture error i386 ), . i hope u can help me in dis. replay through mail will be appreciable.

    • Well you are getting that error because ubuntu has recognized the modem and thats why it is not in /dev/modem ..

      Architecture error is because you have not installed the correct version of wvdial. May have used “amd”.. You can just type “wv” and press tab, see if auto complete makes it wvdial.

  12. Hi Anshuman,
    Thank You for the blog. I tried the same steps on fedora13 and its working for me.

  13. i have got the mts zte modem (the premium version) model num ac 2766 and trying to install it on ubuntu 10.10 (the new version on the website)


    will the same steps work with this version of ubuntu

    is there any dialler as we get on windows os or will it work automatically each time i log on

  14. it’ll work as soon as u plug it in…on 10.10 it’ll work too..

  15. hi
    my mts mblaze wireless net is put in the another system after that when i am using in the my system not working why

  16. my mts mblaze connect the another system after that i connected to my system it is not working

  17. I am new to Ubuntu. I tried to use the standard edition of MBlaze on my Ubuntu10.10.But I am not able to use the network icon. Please help.

  18. …..and they say INDYA is an IT powerhouse! It is testimony to the tone deaf indian corporates like ADAG Reliance, that they haven’t CARED to respond to this “simple” IT issue!

    Linux is free. Indya is a poor country. Yet it don’t occur to the brahmins of adag to provide what should be simple support from a linux specialist.

    Obviously, “ztemt.ko” has to be RE-COMPILED FOR THE NEWER UBUNTU KERNELS.

    But no one is helping out. Not the CHINESE (huawei and zte) who probably treat indyans like a dumpyard. and not our own indyan corporate sahibs (ADAG) who presumably have access to the “hottest” indyan IT talent for such a simple issue. JUST GIVE US THE ZTEMT.KO DRIVER FOR THE NEWER KERNELS YOU MORONS.

    another solution might be to COPY the latest kernel object file into a new directory called 2.26.32 etc and fake it.

    Let’s face it Indyans don’t LISTEN to Indyans. Only to foreigners.

  19. despite doing everything as mentioned,i am not able to connect.could yon post what your wvdial.conf file looks wvdial.conf file has no entries for mts connection.

    • There is no wvdial.conf fila requred. Which version of ubuntu are you using?

      • Friends,
        Im new to Linux. Im using Ubuntu 10.10 and MTS MBlaze Broadband datacard.
        I have tried all of your steps, but failed.
        Im not able to install wvdial wvdial_1.60.1+nmu2ubuntu1_i386.deb.

        Kindly help me.

  20. Friends,

    Im new to Linux. Im using Ubuntu 10.10 and MTS MBlaze Broadband datacard.

    I have tried all of your steps, but failed.
    Im not able to install wvdial wvdial_1.60.1+nmu2ubuntu1_i386.deb.

    Sorry. I forget to take a screenshot.

    Kindly help me.

  21. Dear Anshuman,

    Pls help…

    your mail id pls…

  22. How to install wvdial in ubuntu 10.10

    • Take the terminal and type in “sudo apt-get install wvdial” (without the quotes) this will install wvdial. After that the steps should be pretty much same.

  23. Hi Anshuman,

    I have a standard MTS Mblaze connection and want to use it fro Ubuntu 10.04.

    Can you let me know the version for WVDIAL that you are using and a deb source to download from?

    I have downloaded ‘wvdial_1.60.1_i386.deb’ and let me know if this would be fine.

    Thanks and regards

  24. I struggled with installation of a Reliance card ZTE AC2736 on Ubuntu 10.10 which also uses the ZTE chipset. And yes the ztemt.ko was not available for the kernel version. The compilation from source fails due to broken include files. But it looks like the device works even without this module. The only problem is that it shows up with 5 serial ports and modem-manager takes a while to probe all of them and finally make these ports available for pppd. Plug it in, wait for about 5 minutes and then I was then able to configure the mobile broadband connection from the network manager and it connected. Subsequently upon reboot the network manager connects after about 5 minutes or so that modem manager takes to scan and make the ports available.

  25. Hi Anshuman,

    I am having following setup:
    1.Ubuntu 10.04
    2.Installed usbmodeswitch and kppp from software centre
    3.It is connecting through kppp but i am not able to access internet nor it is not showing any connection as you have mentioned in the top of this page.

    Whats wrong here… how do i access the internet, when kppp is connecting the device.

    Thanks & Regards
    Girish Sharma

  26. Hi Nirakar,
    can you tell me when do you get the error?

  27. The above instructions are really working fine.

    Thanks for the information. 🙂

  28. Hi,

    I am using Ubuntu 8.0.4 , i want to use mts m blaze , after the installing the mblaze software whenever i click on that its not gives respons.
    pls help me for this issue and there is any other way to use mts data card in ubuntu.

  29. Hi anshumanpandey,

    Google redirected me to your website when i am searching mts,my main problem is,i have an MTS MBLAZE Premium device,i bought it in bangalore,i succesfully configured in ubuntu 10.04,and i it is working excellent in bangalore,as there is broadband connection,after few days,i migrated to my native place in andhra pradesh,where there is no MTS coverage,(i.e, no Broadband,but i can use mbrowse speed,1x speed).
    The issue is in windows there is an option to select 1x speed where you dont have MTS coverage,but in ubuntu,you cant select 1x spped,the default in my device is Broadband,i cant use Broadband in my ubuntu10.04 . Can you tell me how to select 1x speed in MTS MBLAZE device in ubuntu 10.04

    • Actually that is automatic…Thats what I have found…When u use in windows that change happens automatically too… ( iam talking about MBlaze not premium)… If it doesn’t happen automatically, i am sorry i have no clue…

  30. shailesh paranjpeNo Gravatar

    I am a fresher Linux user and recently installed Ubuntu 10.10. I have a Normal MTS MBlaze. I am unable to install using the method you have written above. I configured all username, p/w and dial no. and clicked on connect automatically. It doesnt work. pl. guide me.

  31. 1. How do I connect to my campus LAN over ethernet alongwith my Reliance Broadband connection using Network Manager. When I connect to ethernet, the broadband doesn’t work. Same does not happen on Windows and Mac (with same ethernet settings).

    2. How to migrate to HSD mode from Hybrid ?

    THanks in advance 🙂

  32. how to change the mode to broad brand….i cant do dis

    • Sorry Shariq.. that cannot be done…what you can do however is change the settings in windows and use it in Ubuntu

  33. hi,

    how can I update mts roaming software in ubuntu 10.4?

    • Hi Shashi
      I dont think that you need to update any software for MTS roaming. MTS has roaming anyway enabled.
      If you are not satisfied with the answer, kindly revert back and I’ll have a check once again.

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  35. Hi Anshuman,
    thanks for one more nice blog keep it up…

    on Ubuntu 10.04
    first I tried to install CrossPlatformUI-V1.0.27-SSTL-i386-ubuntu.deb
    I found some error in creating directory, etc.
    I installed usb-modeswitch given on link

    and followed your steps and
    now it works fine with me
    thanks again…

  36. hello anshumanji
    This is sajan from kerala, we yesterday installed a huawei MTS mblaze modem as per your instructions it’s working well. you are doing a good help for the free world
    Wish you all the best

  37. Dear Anshuman ,

    I have a MTS Mblaze datacard and i want to use this on linux RHEL 5.0 in my laptop,so pls help me how can i configure the data card with step by step process.


  38. Hey,
    I have ubuntu 11.04 installed on dell inspiron laptop, I am able to connect MTS Mblaze premium using network manager, but I want to install crossplatformui, but when I try to install .deb package, it gives me broken package error. I don’t know where from download this package. can somebody help me?

  39. I have the swivel model of MTS, i guess thats the premium one. and also the Ubuntu 11.04
    will the combo work?

  40. Hi, anshuman
    I need to confirm that in your 3rd step how we get thenetworks bars above the desktop by simple connect mts data card plz tell me that after connecting mts m-blaze directly I get networks automatically or wht happens…

    • Well, I already had made a connection before hand thats why I got the bars. You need to first make a connection and then connect. After this, you can see those bars.

  41. hi Anushman and others,

    I too tried installing it in KUBUNTU 10.04 LTS.. it detects automatically without any command in terminal… After detection u have to give username&password device no… #777.. thats it… works excellently than in Win XP.. try in Kubuntu… but i have tried in ubuntu netbook 10.04 LTS it is not detected . ???????tried all the above mentioned process editing in NM…. still no detection ???? usually in KUBUNTU there appears a mobile icon where connection enabled is denoted by a (Heart) symbol (>…

    thank you…

  42. its working but how to know the balance

  43. Hey Anshuman, first of all, thanks for the post which has helped many beginners. But I have a problem. Here it goes –
    I am on Ubuntu 10.04 and using the standard MTS modem. I followed all your steps and after some time it got connected too.
    But when I inserted the modem next day, it dint get connected automatically(yes, i have checked the box which says ‘connect automatically’). I even tried deleting the network config and repeating the steps mentioned by you in your post but to no avail.

    The modem gets detected because it shows a ‘MTS’ logo on the desktop when the modem is inserted. Clicking on the MTS logo simply takes me to the contents stored in the modem- like drivers, the file ‘autorun.exe’ etc. but it does not get connected even after getting detected.
    Also, dmesg command shows no error. Help?

    • Well, I don’t think it should be a problem. If dmesg is working so the modem is getting detected. Hence, the problem is only in automatic connection. To this, there is a check on Enable Mobile Broadband option when you click on the Network icon in the Menu(Same place where you see that the Modem is detected). This should do it.
      However since you are not using the latest version of Ubuntu(11.10) you are not aware of another problem, No matter how many times you check on Enable Mobile Broadband it goes back to the same unchecked state again after reboot,so incase you are facing this problem then we have to see as Iam still figuring a way to get around this, will get back as soon as i get one.
      As far as I recollect the resolution I mentioned above should do for 10.04.

  44. Hi there I am using ubuntu 11.10 but after tring for almost 3 days I am still unable to conncet to internet through MTS modem. To be prciese I have a simple MTS Mblaze. It got connected for 2 times but after that its hopless. I am really tired of this thing. Done the above procedure for almost 10 times but I am unable to connect
    mail me asap.

  45. Thanks alot I read almost all the blogs online to connect mblaze and urs was the only one which was so simple and worked in first attempt. Thanks a ton. U rock. 🙂

  46. HI I am thenu….i done the steps wt u mentioned in above but its not working wat to do? its getting no intenet connection… nu

  47. Abhishek Kumar MishraNo Gravatar

    how can i get the interface in the linux to check the data usage in the datacard can you plz assit me or plz provide me some screen shots

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