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Fireworks at Disneyland

It’s been a while since I wrote something. I thought this time I will try something different from the usual technical stuff. So here goes, one page from my vacation travelogue, a visit to Hong Kong – Asia’s world city!

Hong Kong is located on China’s south coast and is one of two special administrative regions of China. It’s nothing but a cluster of islands with beautiful beaches and harbors all around. We had only 3 weeks and lot of places to cover and there was no second opinion for visiting The Disneyland first. So One fine Sunday morning in the month of March the two crazy fellows – My Husband (Ravi) and I, decided to visit our dream place-The Disneyland. We decided to travel by MTR to Disneyland resort. We were taken aback by seeing the train. The train’s appearance makes it, without a doubt, to be destined to Disneyland! The entire train is based on Disney theme, even the windows has the shape of Mickey Mouse!! We hopped in and reached the our destination. Already feeling the enchanting mysticism, we entered with unbound excitement into our dream land.

Hong Kong Disney Railway Station

We were welcomed by a band. From a distance we could hear the sound of Walt Disney World railroad (which takes you on a 20-minute scenic tour around theme park on antique steam-powered engines).

Hong Kong Disneyland Frontgate

‘Look at that!’ , screamed Ravi, and my eyes searched for his source and excitement and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw them- Yes, there they were Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Pooh! Ohh!! We rushed to take photos with them. Donald duck was angry (as he is always) scolding children for being naughty! After spending some time with our favourite cartoon characters, we moved on to explore the five Disney Worlds with activities for all ages: Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, Adventure Land, Mainstreet and Toy Story Land. And I am going to take you on a journey through all of them!

Mainstreet resembles the USA in early 1950’s the shops, houses and restaurants seem to belong to that era. We strolled the Mainstreet enjoying the feel of an old American town and viewed various parades.

If you are ever mesmerized with mysteries of space, then Tomorrow Land is for you! There are various rides and games which were literally out  of the world. We enjoyed a musical rollercoaster  trip in the dark –a ride where we are taken to outer space so that we can ride with stars and planets and meteors with some nice music. And then took pictures assuming ourselves as astronauts, rode rockets, played with UFOs, everything there is fun filled.

As we entered the Adventure Land, there was a sudden change from rockets and stars of Tomorrow Land and the Mainstreet to forest, rivers, tree houses, waterfalls and what not. One will be captivated by some spellbinding tribal music. We enjoyed the raft ride to Tarzan Island across the jungle river which is, a giant play area, featuring Tarzan’s Tree house. Excited and enthralled by seeing the high tree house, we wasted no time climbing up to the top. From Tarzan’s tree house we rushed because it was time for the lion king show-a musical tribute to Disney’s “The Lion King,” featuring vocalists, giant puppets including Simba, Pumba etc and Cirque-style acrobatic performances. And then we went for the thrilling jungle river cruise ride of which I enjoyed every second. It is a guided tour in a cruise through mysterious forest which surprises us at every bend of the river. Face to face encounter with  animals like elephants, hippos, crocodiles and cannibal tribes planning  to attack us are just some of them. We reached back feeling ourselves as great adventurers! 😀

Next we went to Fantasy Land where the first thing we did was to explore fairy castle which is the main attraction. It’s of real worth to see something which we are sure of not seeing in the real life. Then we went for a ride in a Honey Pot and enjoyed a blustery day with Pooh and his pals, Tigger, Piglet, Eyore, etc. And there was a theatrical animation show of Mickey and his friends-Mickey’s magic. Then we took off to the merry go round sections- Dumbo the flying elephant and Cinderella’s carousel. Who in this world doesn’t want to see Cinderella and her prince in real? We saw them and managed to have a talk with them!

Want some excitement? It’s there in Toystory land. We were thrilled(was it thrill or fear? I think fear for me!) to ride in a perfect U-Shaped roller coaster. That was really a worthwhile experience! We also tried the  flying adventure- parachute drop and it was amazing.

It was getting dark then, our body was tired, but our mind was as refreshed as ever! Everyone were gathering in the main street. “Time for fireworks!” someone said aloud. And thus began the famous  fireworks of Disneyland  which was really magical and its shining effect on the dark sky stayed with us for hours. We did some quick shopping from the main street before we said goodbye to the amazingly magical, mystical and unique world of Disneyland. And that is the end of one magical chapter of our Hong Kong trip which lingers in our heart and will be cherished forever! See you later.

Mickey and Mini Cheering

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