Tornado of Thoughts!

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Thoughts Gone Wild!

Thoughts Gone Wild!

It has been over a month since Rafa Nadal’s comeback to professional tennis and my last blog post. So here I am posting yet another blog post which is kind of impromptu. Here it goes.

I was in the eighth or the ninth grade when someone had come to our school to teach something regarding meditation and controlling the mind. The only thing I remember from that session is the way he told us about our thoughts and their relation with our mind. While giving us instruction on meditation he said and I quote, “The mind should be detached from each thought and should just watch them pass as a President watches a parade pass, file after file”. The guy was middle aged and much more experienced than all of his audience that day, so like me everyone took his talk on the face value. Ever since I have come across numerous different ways of meditation, but because this was the first I still remember the instructions clearly and I try to watch my thoughts the way I was instructed.

However the success rate wasn’t good, because my mind and the thoughts that it reads don’t share the relation of the President and the Parade. And if you are willing to bear with me I am going to give you an account of what exactly their relation is in my context. Imagine a F 5 classified Tornado, powerful enough to make even well built houses look like a castle of cards, with a twist that instead of consisting of debris, dust and turbulent air it is made of thoughts, untamed, powerful, turbulent and of course a lot of them and at the same time constricted in its limits but uprooting everything in its path. Now imagine a million cameras aligned around this massive tornado flashing and taking images randomly and the worst part, all these cameras are fed in my head making me see or imagine whatever thoughts they are capturing. Yeah, how do I even come up with such description puzzles me, but that’s how things go in my head.

Do you want to take a peep in my head? Well here it is – As of now I am sitting in my office typing this and thinking how much do I hate my job but all I can do is write about it. I want to quit but then another thought crosses my head telling me that there will be a gap in my career as the job market isn’t good. So I have to stay still! But am I not going around the sun at a speed of 30km/s! That is some speed, makes me feel dizzy. Speaking of earth and its orbital velocity I can’t help but imagine the spatial span of the observable universe, how huge it is, it is like 93 billion light years across, Wow! Let’s try putting things in perspective here if you can comprehend the following dimensions – the earth when compared to the entire observable universe is like a virus which measures about a few nanometres inside our Solar System which is a few billion kilometres across. Now consider us, the third most intelligent species to have inhabited the planet earth (for knowing the other two you need to read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), each of us considers ourselves as the centre of our observable universe – how tiny and insignificant are we! And we feel like we are sitting at the center of the universe and dealing with problems that are as complex as the neural network of the human brain.

But these somewhat incomprehensible dimensions of what may seem to many as a fluid, doesn’t tell me how I should overcome my problems, achieve my aspirations or perhaps make sense of the swirling vortex of entropy in my head, which keeps reminding me how screwed up my life has become. However I have heard patience and focus help. So, I am going to apply this and see – Till then Cheers!


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  1. Taking a journey inside even after such massive tornados swirling inside one’s head is quite an example of “how’s and what’s” of meditation/refelcting/mindfulness. You’ve captured the essense quite right Anshu.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Hmmm…. 🙂 How Screwed-up life is!

  3. You’re on the right path here! Just keep your grammar in check and your comma usage in focus. You have some truly random thoughts that are very inspiring but, most of all, make people think! That’s what you want your reader to do! You want to get them thinking so that they’re inspired to keep reading. Never lose your audience’s attention. You’re doing great! I loved this one! I’m going to go read more! I’ve got some websites I’m going to send you to for Freelance Writing. You’ll love them! Just remind me… LOL.. as I’m 40 and losing my mind. 🙂 Kinda like the tornado theory. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Paige for your constructive feedback. I’ll surely try to follow the points that you have mentioned 🙂 Looking forward to working with you

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