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WiseEarthTechnologyLogoFrom April 20th to July 20th 2013, Wise Earth Technology is hosting a three month international programming challenge to build an open source body of code; the software base for the CrisisCommunicator. The three month challenge involves coding a browser-based UI, and a database back-end, with GIS features.  A grand prize of €1000 goes to the entry that best fulfills the challenge requirements. Additional sub-challenges carry additional prizes!  Follow the hashtag: #CrisisCommunicator on Twitter

What is the CrisisCommunicator?

The CrisisCommunicator is a device that solves some of the problems faced by disaster responders and response coordinators. Normal communication systems often fail or are unreliable in disasters and crises, forcing responders to rely upon voice communication, simple radio messaging protocols, and expensive solutions like satellite communication.

By building on today’s solutions, a network of CrisisCommunicators create a Disaster Management Communication Information System (the focus of this challenge), exchanging data messages via APRS, and providing a robust hardware device to access it’s features. Every CrisisCommunicator operator will have access to information coming from all around the disaster area, in a distributed system with multiple redundancy.

Crisis Communicator


Imagine a disaster scenario, where people are able to coordinate relief efforts over large distances, with precision, bringing services and supplies to the people when, where, and how they are needed. Where missing people are traced, information about them known, and connected quickly with loved ones, where everyone’s input draws the map about what is actually going on. No community need be “out of touch”again during an emergency!

Where is CrisisCommunicator Placed

Where is CrisisCommunicator Placed

Who can take the Challenge?

This Challenge is open to everyone from grizzled programmers to pythonistas to college students! You do not need a radio license to develop the software.

HAM radio operators are invited to help with development, testing, feature planning, and implementation. Web programmers, python hackers, and others are needed to build an intuitive, fast-to use, extensible, and lightweight interface.

What is the challenge goal?

The end product of this challenge will be an open source body of code; the software base for the CrisisCommunicator. Through this challenge, we also want to jump-start an online community of developers interested in seeing this go forward.

The challenge involves coding a browser-based UI, and a database back-end, with GIS features. We prefer Python, for many reasons, but if you want to use another widely used language, we are open to it!

Will it always be open source?

YES! Wise Earth Technology is based on and committed to Open Source. By building the CrisisCommunicator in the Open Source domain, any individual will be able to build their own device with a computer and a radio. This ensures that the CrisisCommunicator functionality will be available to all, immediately upon development! Code will be licensed under the new Peaceful Open Source License (PeaceOSL).

How do I join the Challenge?

It’s easy! Come to our website and start coding!

For more information and Key Facts and Statistics please visit here.


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