Open Source in CHINA!!!

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China is one of the biggest economies in the world with a consistent GDP of 9+ for a quater century… Here is a news regarding the advent of Open Source in China….

During China’s national science and technology conference, the Chinese government started a new plan to accelerate the local economy through science and technology.

In the next coming 11 years, the Chinese government will invest US$85 billion on technology innovation, including information industry, equipment manufacturing, energy, water, medicine and agriculture. The director of software and service division at MIIT (Ministry of Industry and IT) also mentioned that some of projects will be related to open source software in the China Open Source development summit hosted just one month ago in Beijing.

ZD Net looked at the current situation of open source in China.

1) Desktop is the king: Desktop OS adoption is at 69.5%; Server OS at 68.2%; Database at 50.1%; Web browser at 47.2%; Programing language at 46%
2) SMB (small and midsize business) adoption of open softare stands at 42.7%; Large enterprise at 26.4%; Education at 19.4%; Individuals at 10%
3) Industry adoption of open source: Internet at 78.8%; Enterprise at 52.5%; Telecom at 30%; e-government at 27.3 perent
4) Where do people get their open source software? Network downloads 94.6%; Free CDs at 35.1%; Purchased CDs from resellers at 12.4%
5) Where do people access open source information? Open source community at 87.1%; Search engine at 65.7%; Open source companies at 38.7%
6) Who is the best sponsor of open source? IBM at 64.7%; Sun Microsystems at 63.1%; Google at 61.2%; Intel at 15.3%

From the data, desktops account for the largest adoption of open source, and it is the strongest part of Microsoft. SMBs will still be the mainstream user of open source. Most users gather open source software and information from the open source community, which means community is core of open source. The biggest commercial player of open source is IT company who benefit from it

I am uploading a fantastic presentation given by J Aaron Farr please go through this to understand the importance of FOSS… Click here Presentation


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