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Its been a month that I blogged. Last time I did so was when the Mumbai serial blasts happened, some people may think whats the big deal that I didn’t blog for a month. Well I am an introvert, and I need a way to express myself and give my opinions in some way, I chose blogging and tweeting as a medium to do so instead of going for a direct confrontation with people 😛 . Incidentally I proposed my girl friend nearly four years back online using what was a very popular chat client then (Yahoo Messenger) 🙂 and quite frankly I was good at it, as I didn’t see her right in front of me when I was saying all those words and felt at ease and hence was able to express myself well (and she did say yes 🙂 well she left me later though 🙁 ). So long story short, blogging helps me a lot.

So, what has happened in a month? Well a lot at my end, preparation for MBA exams and work at the office has increased but still under control. Started pumping iron and running everyday as usual, little spiritual advancement too, supervisor at work happens to follow me on Twitter and read my blog but all positive feedback, so, YAY! Got one point for my page ranking. Watching The Big Bang Theory again and again, thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to it. Reading a lot about new research in the field of particle physics at the CERN and the Fermi Lab. So I would say an above average month on whole for me, but wait for the next paragraph.

Lets see what is happened in the world and my short opinions on the same.Indian cricket team just faced an innings defeat against England and lost their number one spot to English team. The Indian team went up to Queen’s to play the English team and Zak fell down and pushed Bhajji down and Dhoni came tumbling after. Moving to the next top story, US Debt and yet another Recession, well my research in this area is not sufficient as well as competent enough to come to a concrete conclusion but I can say that Dhoni and Obama are facing the same problem both have run out of luck. The price of gold has reached peak of nearly $580 for just 10gms in the Indian Capital and India which happens to be the biggest buyer of gold in the whole world is still away from the effects of the economic crises the world is facing. Then comes the reports of the corruption taking place in the country and the controversies pertaining to it (its a big mess, lets leave it). Rafael Nadal was beaten in the second round match in the Roger’s cup in Montreal and Federer lost in his third round match, thoroughly disappointed and I want things to change soon for the world’s two best tennis athletes.

Its been more than a month that I left Kochi and my friends there but I have been in touch with them ever since and I miss them a lot. So lets end the post here. I’ll post something tomorrow too, I want to utilize this long weekend as I reach my 100th post.

P.S. My Supervisor at work gave me a link for testing the personality, I want you to take it and see.


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