Kashmir: A Heaven Gone Wrong

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I don’t like writing . Hence quite obviously I’m trying my luck !!!! The most difficult thing was to decide what to write. There were just so many things crossing my mind and this was making it all the more difficult to maintain a constant thought about a topic. But the one I am about to write is really close to my heart.

I had a trip to Kashmir this summer, and it was quite honestly beyond what I had imagined. The atmosphere, the people they seemed so different from what I was predicting .It was hard to imagine that this was the state facing attacks and recovering from them almost everyday. A significant thing that I noticed was a check post every five meters. I haven’t seen those many commandos even in the national capital!!!!! What intrigued me was that if their presence bothered me i.e. a tourist so much then how would a normal person staying there, working for his/her livelihood, feel?? Most of the people who were part of the hospitality staff, that took care of us, were just under 25 years, barely educated but soft spoken and obviously knew what they were doing. Each one them wanted to earn and send some money home quite similar to us , I mean, I want to earn and support my family and who doesn’t. All they want is a job , any job which pays enough. Now what will a 23 year old boy do if he’s not provided a job or basic education… He obviously becomes desperate for one and since the education is not provided the boy gets brainwashed to an extreme extent. In this situation even if his job demands him to kill people blindly, he’ll willingly do that. The question is can we blame him?? We can of course say that he should apply his brains and differentiate legal from illegal but its not about right or wrong that he is thinking , all he wants is just survive another day, how to earn bread and butter for his family. I am not saying he or the thousands like him are justified, no one can ever be justified in killing innocent people, all I am saying that in no way are we less guilty. Instead of putting a police check every five meters let there be a company , yes initially there will be problems , but then that’s the risk we have to take. Why not spend the money that we pay as tax on something actually fruitful. If one building is blown off let there be twenty more and let these companies employ the best resource that any developing country offers.

Kashmir is truly a heaven on earth but instead of trying to do the repair works, why not empower the citizens of Kashmir so that they fend of the ugly omen of terrorism themselves. Lets make things right.


P.S. This is my perception and I do not undermine the work done by our soldiers laying their lives for our safety.

Pallavi Majumder

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An Associate Software Engineer at Accenture, Pallavi is the first one to join the group and has contributed a post and helped me in advertising for the new posts contributed to the blog. Pallavi came in my contact while she was surfing this blog and has been a friend since. Being the VC, she also provides valuable insights and ideas which are twisted in her own way. I insisted her to join because of her outright thought process regarding any situation. She has an awesome track record as a student and is looking forward to pitch in more.
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