Indian National Capital – A Rape Capital of the World

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On the 16th December something grave happened in the Capital City of India that has tarnished the name of the country, not that it was any good before. A 23 year old physiotherapy intern was gang raped that night and the police that I have witnessed stopping various commercial trucks in those hours didn’t stop that chartered bus where this happened, and why would they? How will they obtain bribe from a bus which was crossing their checkpoints. After 13 days of fighting with death the girl passed away on 29th December to an undoubtedly better place.

Since the incident, there has been a lot of protests going around in many parts of India asking for capital punishment against the criminals. Lot of debates are ensuing concerning the validity of capital punishment, law and order in the country is being made the centre point of discussions, more protests are ranging through all parts of the country and still news of molestation and rape keep pouring in from all corners of the country. I am pretty sure that the things will not change and the girl would have actually died in vain. Very soon the people around will forget all this, I mean they forgot Anna Hazare, what chance does this girl have? The new year will come inspite of so much fuss over the End of World which was due on 21st December and people will get back to their routine as if nothing ever happened.

But since so much has been said and most of the time when I am asked about this I just shrug and give a pass to this topic because of my pessimism and confidence in India and its people, I would like to say something about this myself and what perhaps is the best way to solve this problem. I’ll start with an incident that happened when I was travelling in metro to work reading a book when two gentlemen beside me and one standing in front of me started talking about this whole event and they were mentioning what was she doing at that hour outside, they said females in their house don’t go out at that time of the day. They also mentioned that, “sab mardon ki nazar kharab hoti hai, kisi ki kamm kisi ki zyada”(Intention of every man is not good, just that some are better). My reaction to this crap was, I looked at them deeply for like ten seconds making them pause then shook my head sideways and went back to my book, so I guess they would have thought me as a lunatic. There was indeed an element of truth in what they said, they were right about late hour and about the intention of males of the Home Sapiens species (sometimes I really think, it would have been better if we were unruly only during a particular mating season like other animals and not all the time). But let us ask people like these a question by making possible scenarios, “Imagine you and your newly wed wife are coming to visit your parents who stay in Delhi, train gets late and you arrive late at night and have to resort to taxi or something, because your old father can’t drive in night or you don’t have car at your place. The taxi driver pulls over at a deserted place where some thugs come in beat you up to plump and do the same heinous act with your wife. So will you say to your wife that she shouldn’t have married you? You may not but I would.”. Second scenario, “Your working daughter comes late from office, like really late and I don’t think I need to get into the details. Will you discard her?” Bottom line, it is true that the girls need to take care and travel safe but it can happen to anyone and it is not the fault of the females.

And please don’t give me the crap about we adopting the western clothing non sense, which by the way was also one point the aforementioned guys happen to talk about, Provocative Clothing. Clothing is never the reason for more than 80% of the rapes; women in India fully clad in the traditional dress have been raped and I am pretty sure even this girl would have been. Rape happens when those god forsaken creatures lose control over their sense. So dress, no dress it doesn’t and shouldn’t make any difference.

Law and order is something that indeed needs to be made stricter but that is more like a consequent event rather than a preventive. Infact there shouldn’t be such cases lying in court, in my view there should be immediate encounters and executions if proved guilty, because I strongly feel justice delayed is justice denied. They are talking about fast courts, what the hell is that? Just speeding up the process will not help, law and order should strike fear in the hearts of these creatures so that there is some immediate reduction in the crime rate.

The preventive which I feel will be perhaps the most effective is a change in attitude. A change in attitude of the entire society. The attitude which needs to be hammered in the minds by parents of their sons’. By which he treats every female he encounters in his life with respect and not a mere object for the pleasure of the senses. By making them realize that a the way they treat their female counterparts can be the same as someone else will treat the females belonging to his family. Only if they realize this can there be a hope for betterment in the society.


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  1. With continuous rapes that too on minors going on , should the world declare Delhi the “Rape Capital ” of the world ?
    At other places in India rape is becoming as common as a traffic violation. Minors ,students kids,are being raped all over the country !
    And police cane charge the protesters !

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