Happyyyyyy Birthday Mr Pandey!!!!

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Ya I know its late , like really really late.Especially for me considering that I have been forgetting your birthday for the last two years, I know this does not make up for it but still I am giving it a try. HAPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY !!!!!!!!! Hope you had lots of fun and also have a fantastic year ahead. Please dont change yourself for anyone in the world, its not worth it. You have been such a good friend to me even though I perhaps have fallen back at multiple occasions. You became a friend of mine and Nrithya from being just a guy whom we asked coding doubts. It was you who motivated me to try out Ubuntu, to nurture my writing skills which eventually led me to write posts for you, you motivated me to exercise(read RUN) but then again that didnt happen as planned much.

To cut the story short, you are one of the crazy wacky nerds I’m  so proud of to have known and call as a friend. Thank you. Dont ever change and HAPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY again.




Pallavi Majumder

About Pallavi Majumder

An Associate Software Engineer at Accenture, Pallavi is the first one to join the group and has contributed a post and helped me in advertising for the new posts contributed to the blog. Pallavi came in my contact while she was surfing this blog and has been a friend since. Being the VC, she also provides valuable insights and ideas which are twisted in her own way. I insisted her to join because of her outright thought process regarding any situation. She has an awesome track record as a student and is looking forward to pitch in more.
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