We Need a Better Reason for Dying than Cold Wave

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While coming to work, I had tuned the radio to hear the morning news and I was in receipt of news that made my mind go numb. As the winter in India becomes increasingly more excruciating, cold wave is turning into a death wave as it is blowing unfortunate families, taking their loved ones away. But this is not something that is new, as in coming summer many more will die due to heat wave. In such a sorry state where people are losing their lives untimely for reason as meagre as Climate change, all the achievements and progress of the nation seem tarnished. Friends, we are not talking about Calamities like the earthquakes and floods for which we are least prepared but, about the temperature changes which goes beyond what our bodies can handle and people die unfortunate deaths.

Well the finding is very simple and straight forward. To understand the situation to the fullest let us compare and relate this news with what else is going in our country. Anna Hazare is trying to remove corruption from the country; Indian cricket team is going to play Australia in Australia; The stock exchange is crashing; Rupee is getting weaker by the day. Now tell me, where does this stand on a Important News list for a Politician, a sports fan a business man a common man and for the person who lost some family member in a fight against the cold wave. Let’s be a little analytical so that people reading this don’t feel that its because of the emotions that I am writing this.

The cold wave is for everyone, then why didn’t I or you (the reader) die in this? This must mean we have certain things that the people who died didn’t. How much does it take for survival in winter, considering that we are not in sub-zero condition? Couple of sweaters/woolens, a proper roof to live under, a supply of food as cold affects more when we are empty stomach … Oops, this is like Roti (Food), Kapda (Clothing) and Makan (Shelter) thing the basic amenities; we are back to square one. Also in case of an emergency we need the medical facility which is like a medical facility and not some Chemist Store. So this means that the people who are losing their lives are in a deprived state and they do not have the basic amenities for living. BBC reports that nearly one lakh people sleep rough in Delhi itself, imagine the number if we take the entire nation into picture. Playing blame game will be wrong, instead let us try to provide some quick answers or questions that can make some improvement in the current state of affairs.

  1. Where are the numerous taxes going (tell me a place other than Swiss Banks), if people are not able to get in touch with even the basic amenities to live?
  2. Let’s donate our old woolens to NGOs or even in person, as many won’t be able to afford them.
  3. Are we using RTI and is it effective?
  4. What steps are the state governments and the Central government taking towards the issue? Just putting up bonfires is not a solution, you can’t sit in front of bonfire for the whole night
  5. You can pitch in more 🙂

Seeing a bigger picture, India has bigger problems than terrorism and corruption, if someone survives a bomb blast he may die because of heat stroke in summer or lack of proper nutrition. What will a 9% growth rate be good for if the people who define the nation are not even able to obtain a square meal daily? People are not able to get potable water to drink. The situation is so grave because its not a few but millions who are facing this problem. This is more like a plague that hits the country two times in a year and we all just read them in the news, cut a sorry figure and perhaps put up a blog post like this. What Next?


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  1. There is one thing students can do since they might have lack of funds. This was also done by my juniors. They collected old newspapers from all houses in the colony and neighborhood, sold them and bought warm clothes for the poor people who stay in the streets during night. Such small steps could save lives in our country.

  2. 🙂 Well thats a pretty cool idea. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  3. Can someone tell me the procedure for filing a case against the state Governments? I want to sue them for failing to prevent cold wave deaths.

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