The Bollywood Pendulums

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I want you to see these videos first

One of my friends shared a video about – Pendulum waves or as I now call it The Bollywood Pendulums and I was able to anticipate the reasons in my own simple terms. Can you? I am sure you can give it a try.

Well, here is what I understood as the reason for this stunning wave dance and for those of you who are familiar with the time period of oscillations of a pendulum

So as you can see the time period T of pendulum’s oscillations depends on the length and and is proportional to the square root of the it. So in the video, the pendulum with longer strings attached to the bob will take longer time to oscillate than those with shorter strings. So even when they start oscillations at the same time they get out of phase very fast.

But, did you notice that once in a while some of the pendulums oscillate together forming the captivating dance. Why does this happen? Three words, Lowest Common Multiples. So when after a particular time when some of them have covered integral number of oscillations they get back in sync. Also, after sometime all will come back in sync and if you have calliberated the lengths correctly they will come back together before the final stop and oscillate together for few seconds and become out of phase. To read more you can visit here.

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