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Thats Me

Thats Me

Hi All I am Anshuman Pandey and the so-called Founder of Twisted Thoughts – Unconventional Minds at work.. I hold a bachelor’s degree Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. Even though I hold a 9 GPA I am not a nerd.. I love having fun day in day out. I love solving and getting into problems, be it computer science or life and try to keep a ‘Twisted’ outlook towards life.. I love watching television specially Discovery Channel as I am Physics fan. I also love sports and am a tennis enthusiast, I am also an endurance runner and run for the fun of it. My aim is to make the reader feel how the twisted thoughts view the world and various things going around. Please do comment the blog, it’ll be greatly appreciated. This website is still up coming and is doing reasonably well due to the support of some of my friends who decided to be the part of this small venture. Thank You.

The Unconventional Minds

Pallavi Majumder (The Vice Chairman/Editor)

An Associate Software Engineer at Accenture, Pallavi is the first one to join the group and has contributed a post and helped me in advertising for the new posts contributed to the blog. Pallavi came in my contact while she was surfing this blog and has been a friend since. Being the VC, she also provides valuable insights and ideas which are twisted in her own way. I insisted her to join because of her outright thought process regarding any situation. She has an awesome track record as a student and is looking forward to pitch in more.

Mansi Bhargava (Contributing Author and Advisor)

You guessed it right, Mansi Bhargava is the author of the on going love story Relationships and Time. Mansi is currently working with Hewlett-Packard and is a post graduate in Operation Research and happened to top the university too 🙂 . A fun loving person, Mansi has the knack to crack jokes at any instant which makes her a great person to be with. She is an avid reader and as you may have noticed she has a special attachment towards love stories.
Probal Ray Choudhury (Contributing Author)
Born in a traditional Brahmana family of Bengal (Kolkata). Probal had his schooling in Kolkata, and undergraduate and graduate level studies in Chennai, where he had the opportunity of meeting some very important people — who were all great teachers and wonderful human beings — and who, in his own words, “accepted me as their student and made me what I am today. It is they who shaped my thinking, gave wings to my ideas, and augmented my knowledge and refined my understanding.”

Currently Probal is teaching courses on Indian Culture and Civilization and Humanities electives in a private deemed-to-be-university in South India ( which is when he came in touch with me. He is also pursuing his doctoral programme on the nature and extent of indigenous Indian education in pre-British India, more precisely on the ‘Changing Profile of Community Participation in School-going Students in Madras Presidency: 1820-1920.

Probal’s academic interests lie in the study of Indian culture and civilization, especially Indian history and functionality of pre-British Indian polity.

As a high school student he represented India at an international children rights parliament held at the United Nations, New York.

Probal’s free time is devoted to raising a ‘Bharat Charcha Kendra’ (centre for India studies) in Kolkata, which is currently working on a project on the Durga festival in Bengal, among other things. Probal is very passionate about this (

And lastly, Probal considers himself as a Bharatiya Hindu and a nationalist. He reads and admires Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Sister Nivedita, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and Dharampal, and considers himself as their fan.

Radhika V.M. and Reshma Prasad (Contributing Author)

Radhika and Reshma were my classmates in college and they have perhaps spent the maximum time with me. Both agreed to join the team on my special request to pen few thoughts of theirs for the website. In college days and even now Radhika takes part in numerous dance competition and has formal training in classical dance. Reshma on the other hand was brought to the dais for her singing. Both again were great students and are currently persuing their post graduate degrees.


  1. Hmm… yup! That’s you! Nice picture! 9+ GPA and still not a nerd…

    Nice blog. I will bookmark!

    have you seen it’s sortof related 😉

  2. sorry… no improvement.. u hv jus .1% overall increase lyk that of thejas… u r rejected!

  3. ….hey..i dont think u are a nerd k..and a nice start ya..i’ll check this out ..nice columns..good goin

  4. Well checked out the updated resume.. Dude u’ve got the content just bring it out man! buss ek hi prob hai.. tere PJs not upto the mark! he he.. Can definitely be hired then! 😉 lol

  5. Good that you changed the background. This looks really nice..

  6. “My interests are in Open Source which you might have noticed by now in the blog. I love cracking into my laptop and doing stuffs of all kinds though I am still consider myself as a newbie.. I love watching television specially Discovery Channel. My aim is to look for problems of all kinds and find the solutions and tell you guys in case you come across them.”

    All these are the interests of NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU are a NERDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dude, how do you change the favicon of you wordpress? I mean the icon displayed in the url bar in firefox …

      • Actually I added my pic in the blog picture. Settings–>General change the blog picture. After that I got it in the URL. I didnt do anything extra.

  7. Hey I will hire you …….. not! Ok … So we are all searching for jobs. and it is definitely worth pondering that most of the best places to work for were started by college dropouts! 🙂

  8. Bhaiya how to customize the blog like you did?
    please tell me in details….

    • Its pretty simple thing actually. The only thing you can basically customize is the header. So these can be the steps:
      1. Select a good theme. Check what you like the most.
      2. If you want to change the header like i have done. You need to know a bit of Photoshop or GIMP (I used GIMP).
      The size of the header is given under the custom header.

  9. Thank you for another wonderful article. Where else could anyone get that kind of selective information in such a mastered way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

  10. YA YA U NOT A NERD?!!



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    The results really were quite surprising, and continues to be so.

  12. Sorry, the link to my blog didn’t appear on the comments:

  13. never …………

    • Well, I would like to take this “never” rather positively. Really appreciate that you have taken time to visit my blog. Also I very well know that I am no good for an IBMer. 😀 … but anyway thanks a ton for your time as well as a comment, which even if just a word has a lot of depth…

  14. Dear Anshuman,
    Is there any driver for reliance mg880 data card modem for use on windows 7?

  15. I’ve no clue about that… May be there. I am still stuck with XP 🙂

  16. i search for ‘myself’ and find you… nice work maintaining the #1 spot in a search for ourselves. 🙂


  17. Macha, you finished pursuing your B.Tech.! You’re already an engineer now!

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